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Friday, July 27th 2012

1:30 PM

Tight preteen pusst


Related article: Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 21:22:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Sarra Corsarro
Subject: Exotic Dancer's Women part 3 / Autumn, and PeachesAutumn and Peaches By now I have been dancing for about for months and the club I was
working at slender sexy preteens was just not cutting it. Times were slow and customers were
coming in on a less regular basis. I moved to a new club in the city to
see if I could be more profitable there. Also this was the club my
beloved Summer had moved to. My first night at this club preteen cunt shots was so much different. The girls were
very catty, and no one seemed to talk to each other in the dressing room.
I was beginning to feel like moving clubs was a big mistake. I got
dressed in a black bikini and thigh high black boots, when I noticed
another girl was dressed the same way. As I started to change again, she
came up to me and told me her name was peaches, I introduced myself, and
told her I would change so that we weren't in the same thing. Peaches
laughed and told me it was no problem and that she had tons of other
outfits to wear and she would just change instead. As she walked to her
locker I noticed she had the most incredible body I had ever seen. She
was about 5'7" w/out heels long light brown hair with a few blonde
highlights, she had natural D cup breasts and her whole body was the
tightest I had ever seen. As I watched her change I noticed she had her
nipples pierced, and I thought that was the biggest turn on. Peaches walked back over to me wear video preteen ass a lime green bikini and tall
clear heels, which made her legs go on forever. She then asked if that
was better, and I told her that I would have changed she didn't need to
go through so much trouble. She just laughed and said it was no problem
and she preteen board cgiworld remembers how it felt to be the new girl. I decided since she was
the only one who actually seemed to have a personality I would ask her a
few questions about the club. First I asked if the DJ played what each
dancer liked, She looked at me funny and said,"well since there are three stages going at all times, the DJ tries to
put all the girls with the same taste in music on at one time, so lets go
tell him what you like now before preteen pregnant news set up."I agreed and said, "what do you like?"Peaches yelled, "rock and roll baby!!!"I sighed, "thank goodness I know some one else who likes to dance to rock
too" Peaches took me to meet the DJ and i let him know what I liked, and
he told me that I make 3 so me peaches and Kimber would all go up at the
same time, but all on different stages. Which kind of disappointed me,
since i would love to be up there with her, but oh well. I found out I
wasn't up for about 2 hours so I had time to get some dances in and make
some money. But before that I wanted to know some info on the club.
First I asked if Summer was working,and she gallery preteen black told me that Summer only
works on Fridays and Saturdays. Then I asked about the touching policy,
and she told me that the customers can't touch but we can touch them
above the belt. Then I asked about 2 girls shows, and she told me that
the girls can do whatever to each other in 2 girls shows, but the
customer cannot touch us. I told her thanks, and I went off to make some
money. About five minutes later Peaches came up and asked me if I would do
a private dance with her, I nodded, and told the guy I would be back for
him later. She grabbed my hand and brought me to a table where a small
little man was seated.. She introduced me the the man,
"this is Autumn, can she join the fun?"the man said, "oh yes she will do fine" I told him that he would have the best dance ever and grabbed his
hand and we led him to the Fantasy room. Peaches chose the couch in the
back, sat him down and told him that he was about to see the girl on girl
action he will ever witness. Just then she grabbed the back of my head
and aggressively pulled my face to hers and started kissing me. I then
put my hands on her back and untied her top and pulled it off of her. I
started rubbing her breasts while she was still kissing me. She them
motioned for me to sit down on the couch next to the man, I did. She then
just pulled the tiny pieces of cloth covering my tits over to the sides
and started licking around my nipple then biting slightly on the tip, she
then moved to the next breast and started sucking on it hard, as I
started to feel wet, I grabbed preteen lesbian porn her head and pressed her harder to my
tits. She kissed her way back to my neck as I went straight for her
pussy. she moaned softly in my ear and told me to take em off. I knelt
down on the floor with her and pulled them down to her knees as she stood
up and had her pussy in front of my face. I finished pulling them off
around her feet as I started kissing her wet box, she was completely
shaved and he puss was perfect. Peaches then put one of her feet on the
mans knee so I could get in there better, which I took full advantage of.
I licked her slit up and down and sucked gently on her clit, she was
slightly moving her hips back and forth on my mouth as I slid completely
under her to fuck her with my tongue. Peaches then started bouncing up
and down on my tongue which was up her hole, I was rubbing my own pussy
in all the excitement and was about to orgasm myself. I then decided in
order to make this last I had her sit next to the man as I turned to her
and started rubbing my breast on nude 13yo preteens her clit. Peaches let out a loud moan school preteen upskirt so
I went back to her box and sucked her clit to finish off her orgasm. I
licked extrem preteens her clean and stood up. She then grabbed the ties to my bottoms
and pulled them loose so my they would just fall off. lollita preteens naked She bent me over
in front of the man and started licking her way down my back till she
reached my ass. Peaches was licking my asshole and rubbing my clit, as I
was staring at the man, who seemed to be enjoying himself too. she
ordered me to lay on the couch with my head on the mans lap, cp preteen pictures while she
got on top of me and began rubbing her pussy on mine. Her hot pussy
against my hot and wet snatch felt so good I began bucking against hers
till I let out a loud scream which I was sure everyone in the building
heard. I went very limber as I caught my breath. When I heard we had 3
minutes before we went on stage. As we got up and started redressing our selves, the man asked us how
much it was going to be, Peaches let him know we were back for 10 songs
and it was 20.00 a piece. he pulled 4 hundreds and 2 fifties out and told
us that this was the best dance he had ever encountered and would be back
for more Peaches in Autumn next weekend. Peaches walked him back to where
he was seated. then returned to me in the dressing room to give me my
half of the dance. Before I even got a chance to tell her thanks, I was
called to second stage and she was called to third. I quickly wrapped my
money to exotic pre teens
my garter and ran out. I went out to my stage where I noticed a group of girls with their
boyfriends/husbands sitting right in front of me. As I thought to my
self, well that looks like alot of fun for me and my new friend Peaches,
But thats a different story.
I free preteens clips hope you liked this, if you have any comments or questions feel free to
contact me at sassy_Sara_6996yahoo.com . I will be back with this story
later. WINK WINK!
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Friday, July 27th 2012

12:00 AM

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